Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let's Begin

I've never blogged before, but seeing the revolution currently going on in Egypt has spurred me to try and become more active int he online community. I want to be part of an active and dynamic cyber group, and I think this blog is going to enable me access to that.

Little bit about me: I'm a lobster. And I'm in a fraternity. Yes, there are lobster fraternities. In the coming months, I aim to expose human ignorance regarding the existence of crustacean Greek brotherhoods.

I'm sorry to cut this off so quickly, but I just noticed some enticing food placed conveniently in a metal box a few meters in front of me. Some things are simply given to you, and I don't want to pass this opportunity up.

Be back soon,

The Frat Lobster

1 comment:

  1. I am proud to be the first human contact through your blog Frat lobster. Welcome to the blogging community and- don't enter the box! DON'T ENTER THE BOX!!

    and thus a family was fed the first sentient frat lobster.